Introduction of [High Waist Long Skirt]!!

スタッフコーデ【High Waist Long Skirt】のご紹介!

Good evening!
ANIECA staff please

The cold days are continuing, but it's spring on the calendar!

It's around this time that you can feel the spring sunshine little by little in the warm afternoon. note

What kind of clothes do you like for spring?

I feel better today up
I would like to introduce the skirt!

high waist long skirt
¥13,200 (tax in)

Color: WHITE

STAFF: 158cm

White with a soft impression close to ivory embarrassment
It's easy to match colors, so even if it's a bright red like this one, the atmosphere will change and it's fresh. ! !


It's an indescribably beautiful yellow color. note
It's a calm yellow rather than a colored one, so it goes well with dark colors, and it's a color that can be used more than you think. eye


Color: BLACK

standard black Lovey-dovey
You can wear it with a straight silhouette and a refreshing impression. pass
The material is also stretchable for stress-free comfort.

It can be used for both casual and neat looks, so it is perfect for going out!

The fabric is also solid, so it is wrinkle resistant and easy to wear. exclamation mark

Some colors are sold out depending on the color, but if you are interested, please check it from here 👇

Thank you for reading to the end Throb

I would like to introduce new arrival products next time!

please look forward to it exclamation mark