New for spring! ! [Tapered Pants] Now available in new colors! !

スタッフコーデ 春の新作【Tapered Pants】新色追加で登場!

ANIECA staff! !

It's the second half of February, isn't it? . .

I think there are many people who change to a new environment in the season of graduation ceremonies and entrance ceremonies.

It's such a busy time, but how are you all doing?

Today we would like to introduce tapered pants that can be used in such a season!

Tapered pants
¥15,400 (tax included)
Size: 38/40

STAFF: 163cm
Color: GRAY

The new color gray is a very beautiful color!
You can use it regardless of whether you are on or off, but since it is a light gray, it will give you a sophisticated image that does not look too business style!

Color: PINK
STAFF: 158cm

It's a new color PINK!
Pale tone gentle color is very fresh!
The combination of gentle colors creates a mature casual style.

This is also a combination with the new spring Punch Zip Hoodie IVORY !
It was sold out immediately after the sale, thank you very much! !
If you are interested, please request a restock 👇
Try it!

Color: SAX

This is also a pale-tone blue color that you can enjoy with a spring-like atmosphere when paired with WHITE or gray!

The silhouette is made of material with a sense of calmness.
It's clean.
The stretch is also effective, so it's very easy to wear.

The new colors of saxophone, gray, and pink can be added to your usual styling for a fresh look.

Color: BLACK

Classic black! !
The line is very clean, so you can wear it according to the scene without choosing a top!

Blouse x pumps for business style.
You can also wear it with a simple T-shirt or knit for a mature and casual look.

Available in 2 sizes, 38 and 40! !
You can purchase with confidence without worrying about height or petite.

I think you will be able to use it in the coming season.
If you're interested, check it out here 👇!

Thank you for reading the staff blog today!

Many new items will be arriving in the future, so please continue to check them out!

Thank you for your support! !